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New Courses in Eyelash Extension

Duration: 3 full days

Timetable: 30 November; 7 & 14 December 2016

Cost: $450


Basic Manicure              Students will study bones and muscles of the arms and hands, characteristics of the nail, the selection and care of manicure equipment, nail disorders, manicure techniques and the process of nail repair. The course addresses polish (including French) application and demonstrations. 5 days  $650
Lash & Brow Tinting Students will learn to analyse the lash and brow treatment needs of clients and provide a range of complementary services such as eyebrow tinting and eyelash tinting. 1 day           $250
Spray Tanning  The healthy, safe UV free “tanning” technique to produce flawless results.                                                                                     The course covers: Skin tone analysis & tan application Contra-indications of tanning Airbrush and Gun technique. 1 day   19 December
Waxing       (Facial & Body) This course covers all aspects of facial and body waxing. Students will use both hot and strip wax and gain an understanding of hair growth, client consultation, preparation and contraindications. Products, equipment, hygiene, sanitation and aftercare treatment are explained, providing a great basis for further work in the beauty industry. 5 days   (5, 6, 7, 12 & 13 December)   
Waxing (Brazilian) Female intimate waxing.                                                                Pre-requisite: Facial & Body Waxing 1 day14 December        $250
Facials In this course students will learn: the healing benefits of facial massage, the anatomy and physiology of the head, face, neck and skin, skin analysis, product selection, cleansing and massage techniques. 10 days      $990
Facials with Machinery  Students will learn how to apply a range of products and electrical equipment to perform facial treatments for a range of skin conditions, including premature aged skin and acne. The safe application of electrical currents through various machines will be explored.                                                                                          Pre-requisite: Manual Facials 10 days         $990
Body Massage  This course addresses anatomy and physiology of the body, with a special emphasis on the muscles and bones. The benefits of massage on the skin, muscles and tissues and classification of massage movements, are also covered. 10 days           $850
Indian Head Massage  Practiced in India for over a thousand years, Indian Head Massage was developed to keep hair strong, lustrous and in good condition. By stimulating scalp circulation, Indian Head Massage relaxes the scalp, tones muscles, relieves eye strain and headaches, improves concentration, boosts the immune system and creates a feeling of well being. Indian Head Massage also eliminates muscle tension and restores joint movement. 2 days         $350
Stone Therapy  Stone Therapy is an ancient cultural therapy used by Tibetan Monks and American Indians to achieve deeper levels of relaxation for healing purposes. Utilising various massage techniques and warm stones, the body is relaxed to its deepest level through mineral and semi-precious stones. 2 days         $350